An x-ray is a common diagnostic imaging test usually performed for assessing injured limbs or examining the chest for possible infection.

The x-ray beam is absorbed differently by the various structures in the body, and denser structures such as bone absorbs more of the beams – which results in a lighter image on the film. Softer tissues such as muscle do not absorb as much and more beam pass through – resulting in a dark image on the film. The varying densities allow the formation of an image on the film for the radiologist’s analysis.

Pre-Scan Preparation

Please leave your jewellery at home, and wear a comfortable 2-piece outfit. Please do not apply deodorant, perfume, or talcum powders as they may show up on the images and affect the accuracy. If you have done an x-ray on the same region previously, please bring along those films for comparison.

What can I expect during the X-ray examination?

Depending on the region to be examined, you may be asked to stand, sit, or lie down during the procedure. Please stay still during the examination, as any movement may result in blurred images and the procedure will then take a longer time to be completed.

The examination process is simple, and you will not feel any discomfort. Our radiographer will be happy to answer any questions you may have at any point in time during the examination.